An Independently Owned,
5-Star Rated Facility

5-Star Facility

We are proudly the only renal dialysis unit in our 10-mile radius that has earned a 5-star government rating based on the quality of our care and patient satisfaction. These ratings are achieved by both our determination to keeping our patients’ lab results at optimal levels and from the provided education, support, and counseling to keep patient health at its best.

Facility Hours

Office Hours
Monday – Friday:
9am – 5pm

Treatment Hours
Monday – Saturday:
6am – 7:30pm


Contact our office to discuss the onboarding process for new patients. We’ll discuss your treatment options with you- including in-center hemodialysis & at-home Peritoneal Dialysis.

Nephron Dialysis Center

Swedish Hospital
5140 N. California, Suite 510
Chicago, IL 60625

Phone: 773-293-2100
Fax: 773-293-2101



Nephron Dialysis Center, Ltd. is independently owned and conveniently located on the Swedish Hospital campus on Chicago’s North Side. Patients enjoy the beautiful views of the city skyline from the 5th floor of the Galter Medical Pavilion.

We embrace our patients as our family, providing a unique level of comfort and care not normally found in large dialysis organizations. Both our staff and the community of our clinic are here to support you.



In-center hemodialysis is a popular choice among our patients. As our facilities are staffed with highly trained, professional technicians and nurses, our patients relax knowing they are in the right hands. Not only do we administer 5-star Chicago kidney dialysis treatment, we also ensure all lab tests, medication refills, and other check-ups are done with the same level of exceptional care.

Nephron fosters a close family environment, where patients find a high level of support through our employees and other patients. Interacting with a community that shares a deep understanding of your challenges, successes, and needs are key ingredients to an encouraging and effective treatment process.


Getting Ready

We recommend our patients understand what lies ahead and offer advice on how to prepare for this new chapter in their lives.

Monitoring Lab Results

Lab tests inform us if the dialysis treatment is working and what, if any, adjustments need to be made to the treatment plan.


Understanding the importance of nutritional intake plays a major role in the health of each dialysis patient.