Nephron Dialysis Center, Ltd. is independently owned and conveniently located on the Swedish Covenant Hospital campus on Chicago’s North Side. Patients enjoy the beautiful views of the city skyline from the 5th floor of the Galter Medical Pavilion.

We embrace our patients as our family, providing a unique level of comfort and care not normally found in the otherwise corporatized dialysis industry. Both our staff and the community of our clinic are here to support you.

This is a new stage in your life and we understand that change is difficult and scary. The idea of being on dialysis can be difficult to accept, but one needs to remember it is a life-sustaining treatment. The process is not as bad as you think it will be. Once a patient understands the treatment, most patients feel gratitude that this treatment exists and sustains their life. And, those patients in our community are equally grateful for our meticulous, kind, and compassionate care.

Nephron Dialysis Center opened on June 15th of 2000 with a Monday, Wednesday, Friday shift. Within six months we expanded to accommodate the Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday Shift. Nephron Dialysis Center was at full capacity within one year.


Our patient/technician ratio is 4:1 with a charge nurse on hand during every shift. Nephron Dialysis Center has seven Nephrologists on staff with offices on the Swedish Covenant Hospital campus. All of our technicians are BONENT Certified and are well trained and knowledgeable. Our nurses have vast experience in outpatient dialysis care.

We are proudly the only dialysis unit in our 10-mile radius that has earned a 5-star government rating based on the quality of our care and patient satisfaction. These ratings are achieved by both our determination to keeping our patients’ lab results at optimal levels and from the provided education, support, and counseling to keep patient health at its best. We truly partner with our patients to earn this 5-star level of quality care, ensuring the best possible outcome from the available technologies.


Nephron prides itself on exceptional care for each patient at every stage of dialysis treatment. We’ve received a 5-star government rating based on our high patient satisfaction levels and for our impeccable results in all 6 health indicator categories, including:

  • Avoiding unnecessary transfusions,
  • Preventing bloodstream infections,
  • Removing waste from blood,
  • Using the most effective access to the bloodstream,
  • Keeping a patient’s bone mineral levels in balance,
  • And, avoiding hospitalizations & deaths.

Our team of professionals also provide education, support, and counseling to all of our patients, which encourages a positive and healthy treatment process.